I am a noob and need help subscribing...

Hey! Im kinda a noob and am wondering if anybody can tell me how to subscribe? I just got into this… Can anyone help?

I just want to know what to do and want to use live! Can anyone help me with subscribing… Im really new to this…

You will need to do a monthly or yearly subscription, I would recommend the yearly one this will give you access to all regions + airplanes for 1 year and access to a lot of fun! If you take the monthly subscription you will need to buy regions + airplanes separate.

How do i do that?

If I am correct:

  • Click right top
  • Click on subscription.

It has been 6 months ago I did it, but I hope this will help you :)

How do i subscribe to a yearly or monthly one though?

@jasonrosewell can you help?

Oh. Ok! Thanks!

I’ll try! I’ll be back in a sec…

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My ipad is still kicking me out…

What now???

Gotta go! I’ll check when back! Sorry…

Hello there! To find a subscription, you should see two bars on the main menu that says “solo” and “live” select the live one. Then you should see something like “no active subscription found” click on it and it will take you to the subscription menu. The monthly is $5 and yearly is $50. Included in the yearly is all the airplanes in the game (and any others tha come out) and all regions. With monthly, you get one month of live, but you still have to pay for SOME planes and SOME regions.


Need to file this Tom… It’s a repeater… Max