I already have 8 violations at grade 2, Can I still achieve Grade 3 and fly at expert server?

Hi!, I’m just concerned because I was cruising around 13,000ft. and I set my autopilot speed to 330 Knots (Airspeed) and I let it fly for a while, then after 30 minutes when I got back I received a notification that I’ve been kicked to the server (Training) and I have a Violation but my airspeed is 340.
It happens to me all of the time idk why… my altitude is stable same with the Vertical speed and heading.

I already have 8 violations on Grade 2 and my question is, Can I still achieve Grade 3 and fly at expert server? How to make violations go away? I’ve always want to fly at Expert server

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Above 10,000 there is still a speed limit in terms of Mach speed.


Yes you can, just stop getting violations :)

I would advice you to never set the autopilot higher than 290kts. That will keep you within safe limits on the commercial jets.

As the autopilot is based on air speed (up until 28.000ft where it starts to convert to mach), you risk going faster than the allowed mach speed as you climb higher. 300kts air speed on the ground is as fast as 300kts air speed at 30.000ft.


Yah I already figure it out that 340knots is the max speed… or 0.89(Mach speed) but can I remove my violations? because it looks like the max violation to reach Grade 3 is only 5 (lvl 1 violations) but I already have 8.
I’ve always want to fly at Expert Servers and to be on Grade 3.

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Well you can not remove them but when looking at the grade table it will say within the last 7 days I believe for level 1 vios. So as long as 7 days has passed by the time you meet the criteria, you will be all good.

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Ohhhh okayy Thankss!! Have a safe flight

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Staying below these limits won’t keep you safe from violation. As

indicated, 290kts is necessary on the autopilot to keep you safe as you ascend through a range from around fl260 or so up through to about fl300. In this altitude zone the red overspeed limit starts dropping on the IAS strip. What looked like a safe IAS at lower altitude suddenly becomes a no go zone.

A number of aircraft can handle an AP setting of 310kts for this ascent situation. But I agree 290kts seems to take care of the worst case aircraft.

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