I almost got reported by atc for something i didn't know what it was

Sorry for the bad grammar. So, I was on final at ATL and tower ask “say intentions” so I said “Delta 946 is on final rwy 8L” The atc responded with" Please follow instructions or you will be reported" So I kept saying “I’m sorry” I also said a few times that I was on final. Atc said the website for tutorials but can’t do that because I’m on short-final. I ended up leaving my flight because I didn’t know what he wanted me to and I didn’t what to be reported

Can someone help me? Thank you.

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Hello Planeboi,

This may be because you did not properly call inbound to land at the airport. Do you know the name of the controller during that time? It may be a good idea to directly message them to discuss your mistake.

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So said I was on final multiple times

That’s the problem. Don’t repeat your announcement multiple times.

That’s the problem with the “I’m sorry” option. It could mean one of two things;

  1. “I’m sorry… I did not mean to do anything wrong. I would like a second chance and I’m interested in following the instructions”

  2. “I’m sorry…but I will not listen to your instructions because I do not care for them. I will continue on as I have been with complete disregard for my or others’ behaviour”

It can be hard to distinguish between which “sorry” you meant. I try to avoid using that all together!

I didn’t know what what he wanted me to do so I was just saying I’m sorry.

Whenever radar switches you to tower freq. you have to say Delta 946 is inbound on the ils/gps/vis. for runway xx.

I didnt do that but I didn’t think it was necessary because I was already on final by the time I contacted tower

regardless if you are on final or not you call inbound

Happens to me too and of course, always during hectic moments near an airport.

So it’d be great if someone made a feature request for ATC to elaborate what did we do wrong (or to look up quickly under which subject to look for) under such short notice. Anyone?

Yes I agree that would make these situations a lot more simple

ok i will do that next time

Please thoroughly read the user guide

yeah skimmed though the guide after this happened but ill do it again.

You have to call inbound, whether you are passed on from approach or not. No way of knowing for the controller otherwise. He might have to sequence if necessary too. Calling inbound is very important

Do you know who was controlling then? You can probably contact him and he will explain how to call inbound

@mwe2187 is the controller most likely (according to ifatc.org opened for over 3 hours), he will be glad to help you out!

I know how to contact inbound just the one time i don’t do i almost got reported

It’s expert server, that’s why, u will have high chances of getting reported if you forget to say something

K yeah I will do it again