I actually got decent equipment now // @ ZGGG


So, I went to Guangzhou to visit my grandparents and they REALLY wanted to get me a new camera. ¥9800 later and I got a second hand Nikon D7200, 18-85mm and 80-400mm lenses (all in really good condition.)

I Begged my mom to take me to the airport to do some spotting. She reluctantly said yes and I ended up taking us to a construction site by accident…pretty much all spotting locations at Guangzhou Baiyun have ceased to exist because of construction work happening everywhere. The location where I was at, was a village a few years ago and now it has been turned into dust.

The photos are backlit as hell but fortunately there were enough clouds to cover the sun most of the time so I was kind of but also not really able to save them while editing.


Open at your own discretion

First up is B-6683 headed for Nanjing

I cannot find this plane’s history on flightradar

A 10 hour delayed B-2075 going to Anchorage

A CZ A321-200 to Shenyang

B-5339 headed for Jinghong

I have no clue what the registration of this plane is

Wow, finally some variety. VN-A60 going to Ho Chi Minh

And to conclude this topic, B-30DQ bound for Qingdao ft. tons of noise because I’m dumb

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Hehe nice photos!

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Looks like there’s some black smoke out of engine #2

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Oh, I did not see that. Very interesting…

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I looove China Southern livery! Though I’ve flown them out of ZGGG a few times and their service is not the best haha


Great pics mate

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Thanks a lot!

Nice pics!

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