I accidently pressed the "resend message" and got reported for that.

When I was 20 nm from WSSS, I showed ATC that I was in the area, the ATC responded and went to direct me to a runaway, after that, I pressed the resend command and got the report for duplicate commands.

My question now is
Can you get unbanned?

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Could you instead check your logbook to see who was the controller that ghosted you?

I didn’t ghost anyone for duplicate messages.

It’s either @Tim_B or @GHamsz.


Check your logbook to see who ghosted you. Then PM him here on IFC.

If you can’t find him, just send the name from the logbook here and we may assist you with that.

Everything related to the ghosting will be discussed in the PM between you and the controller 😊


hey if i’m correct when you click resend messege it says: Are you sure you want to resend the messege by doing this you might get reported˝ Or something along those lines…


It clearly says that…


TL1 can PM

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That didn’t appear on my screen when I resent the message.

Please message @GHamsz via PM.


Done, thank you for the sort of help.