I accidentally reported somebody

So I was flying into Rome and I clicked on another plane and i accidentally pressed Report user what is gonna happen?

For individuals to report each other two people have to make a report before it counts.

Ok that’s good because I didn’t want somebody to be ghosted or anything because I messed up.

Who said that? The report button does not work for the normal pilot. Only Moderators have the ability to ghost someone when not controlling


Haha, right after I read this topic, I saw the title of another topic that said, “Reported for absolutely no reason” (Reported for absolutely no reason). Thought that was pretty funny. 😂


I had the same question and a staff member told me. It was on expert.

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How long ago was that? Just wondering…

I can’t repost a PM


Don’t worry, you did not cause the pilot harm.

The button was disabled due to abuse a while back. Only IFATC can report pilots while controlling.