I accidentally left the Open beta

Hey guys so i kept crashing in the beta in Infinite flight but i wanted to revert to a stable version so i left the beta and it was The biggest mistake in my whole life i can’t rejoin the beta bc it’s full and im thinking that i should’ve just waited for the next Open beta build and hoping that things were stable. Edit: I’m on Android not iOS bc i forget the password my iPhone 7 lol

The biggest mistake in my whole life was when I sold my car to pay for my crippling addiction to Frank’s Red Hot. I put it on literally everything. Even the car until I sold it.

I wouldn’t worry too much about leaving the beta. Hopefully more spots will open up soon in the future. Look on the positive side: you can complete flights without crashing, and have a more stable experience. And you’ve, inadvertently, given another lucky user the chance to try out the new update, which is a great act of generosity!


I feel you on this one, Frank’s Red Hot Sauce is addicting, it’s a miracle I’m not in your position…

Sorry to hear that you can’t rejoin, @Swiss003, look on the bright side though, now you can experience a more quality game, and now that you now what’s coming in the update, it should be even more exciting waiting for the release date.

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If you are on IOS then it should be able to go test flight were you can download the build again

That is what he means, I am checking every few hours and every time I check, it is full. @Swiss003 I understand, but just stay patient, and if you can’t rejoin, then just wait until the Official update is out to he public.

If you never left the beta testing program you should be able to download the beta build on TestFlight.

Edit: Assuming you are on iOS and not Android because I would never assume someone was using Android. :P


I think u may want to tag this as support also what OS do you have the beta process varies for each.

This isn’t an issue, he just left open-beta which he said was

Beta is just full, that is not an issue with the game.

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