HZ-1 flight from LFPG-KJFK in IF!

I was taking a look on live flight when I noticed deer crusher flying from LFPG-KJFK. OK normal right? Wrong. I check his aircraft… De Lackner HZ-1 Aerocycle. for those who don’t know, it is a personal helicopter of sorts. fully exposed, flying at mach .78 at FL360 to JFK from Paris. I decided to take a fighter jet up there and it seems that it hasn’t been rendered, whatever it is. Is this truly deer crusher flying a test your craft or is it some sort of easter egg? Either way very interesting


It’s the boogeyman


In all seriousness, Liveflight can’t pick up some of the newer liveries and other stuff since it hasn’t been updated thus why this occurred. It any also be something you can’t see on your end.

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i’m just nothing why I wouldn’t be able to see it/why life flight would label it as a hz-1 of all things

Because it’s likely content that’s not yet available to the public and the version you are on doesn’t have whatever it is.

It’s one of the things that come up when LiveFlight can’t recognize an aircraft or livery.

ok well maybe he is taking the new a330-900 out for a spin




There we go the man himself has confirmed this
The HZ-1 is coming


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