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If pilot report position on final, full stop, and if is already cleared for landing, than you can sand him "You are already cleared for landing, avoid…
But when pilot who is doing t&g, sent on final, full stop, that is good information for you, and just send “roger”

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Hello everyone, sorry for the delay. I’ve been busy these past few days. I’m controlling at KSFO right now if you want to join :)

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Open at KSFO ground and tower, feedback accepted!

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Tower is now closed! Thanks @IFFG_Rowdy_Kepler, and others noobs for coming :)

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Hey thanks for your service but there are some things to work on!!

  1. Sequencing you have to do this if there are more than 1 plane in the pattern I got Number 2 cleared for the option when it should’ve been Number 2 traffic to follow is on right downwind here is a video you should watch :)

  2. Patterns you need to know this also when me and @ThomasR requested runway change you told him unable First, Which didn’t have to be when you should’ve said enter right downwind runway 28R to both of us instead of just clearing us for the option every time here is another video you should watch :)


Thanks for the information! Some places I have made mistakes on is because the frequency is too busy, there are way too much noobs that distracted my concentration to you both. Sorry for the inconvenience, I’ll watch the video for number 2 next morning, and hopefully improve from it. Have a good day!

@Hyyyyy2317… MaxSez: Just a matter of mutual interest my friend. Suggest you revise yr screen name/call sign. The repetitive letters “yyyyy” play havoc
on the ears when used in the Live communication/radio mode. Thanks


I’ve been trying to decide that. That name does seem very wierd, somehow I’ve heard before I can’t change my username anymore after I’ve created it. I put my name like that in Infinite Flight to avoid confusion.

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