Hypoxia at high altitudes

So in fifty bagillion years.


lol, you know what I mean

Then what is the point, if there is going to be O2 masks, then why do we need the Hypoxia in the first place?


Just in case nobody believed me:

That’s Taiwan.


What if I have a mask on? But actually, if it would be implemented I would at least want it to be optional


I would also add for the chart part that unless you shoot up there most people can climb up to ten or fifteen thousand with minimal effect. I’ve been up pikes peak for example, that was like 14,000 feet but the ride up there was a while so it was no sweat, I’m sure some people have negative effects but a lot don’t. I don’t think this would add very much to the sim in almost all cases.


I just dont really think its something that the simulator needs you know? The sim os made to be creative in its way allowing pilots to di their own thing.


hmm you bring up a good point maybe i’ll make a feature request for oxegen masks.

What’s the point in masks if we don’t need them unless this gets added?!?!

Where do you draw the line for everything? In a sim that has the whole world and literally thousands of aircraft that could in theory be added “everything” is a pretty long list.


maybe that was a miswording sorry.


But the request would be so unnecessary, if we add masks as a “decoration” Then why not add a headset, or seatbelt. Do you see where I’m going? This request is for something that won’t impact the game; though if added it would be nice, I think this should be at the bottom of things IF should implement, if not off the list already.

As said before, this better fits an outstanding (as in previous to this time) request: Emergencies in IF


I mean like they work and if you dont put them on hypoxia happens.

35 messages deep into this and I don’t understand how this would be implemented. According to the altitude table that you’ve included it would be challenging to even try simulating this. Hypoxia is real yes. However, most of the aircraft we have in Infinite Flight do not go above that 20,000ft threshold you’re referring to. The 172, Cub, and other military pistons won’t go that high. The TBM, is a pressurized aircraft and therefore cabin altitudes aren’t going to be in an area of concern.

The C208, even though has a service ceiling of FL240, requires oxygen. This would be the sole aircraft that this feature would apply to as its the only aircraft that’s unpressurized that can go this high. Because this is a simulator, we don’t have oxygen simulated.

I believe that there are other areas of importance that the developers could focus their attention on rather than a passing out simulation feature. Thanks!