Hypoxia at high altitudes

I am suprised that noone has made this topic yet!

It would be really cool to have a blackout affect when above 20,000 in a GA aircraft, and as you climb you start to lose focus and stuff.

Altitude Table

0-5,000ft (fine)
5,000-8,000ft (may get a headache but still fine)
8,000-12,000ft (probably gonna get a headache and may be short of breath)
12,000-14,000ft (liveable but may lose some minor focus blacking out becomes a risk)
14,000-18,000ft (blacking out becomes a major risk and fluid may build in the lungs and brain)
18,000-24,000ft (definitely will black out and hypoxia starts and the pilot may die within minutes)
ABOVE 24,000ft (hypoxia and Death)

This would be very realistic and cool. Also you could choose where the pilot lives so that he could already have a headstart for altitude.

I’m not sure I really follow the idea…

This isn’t a failure simulator, is it? I didn’t think so…


I prefer to fly at 125,000 feet at Mach 20 while doing 2 barrel rolls a second, thanks.


But I like flying C172s to the stratosphere 😔


I mean only in GA aircraft.

I think you mean the screen getting a red hinge then it turning black at high altitudes? Similar to other video games when you dive in water and start to run out of breath


What if the pilot has a portable oxygen tank? Asking for a friend.


lol invest insome oxegen masks.

The Cirrus I fly has Oxygen, you just need a mask.

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I don’t know, to be honest I don’t think it’s worth the developers time because they already have so much stuff on their plate


maybe it starts buzzing (ears ringing passed out before) and then tunnels and goes black then you crash.

This is more like a fail sim feature like @Alec said.

I don’t understand why we need this, like @Ksisky said:

This is a duplicate, it would go here, as it is an emergency:


I don’t see any reason for this. In real life you can just connect to oxygen at high altitudes.


Well firstly how do you plan to simulate a headache? Secondly most of these planes can’t even climb to an altitude where the altitude has significant physiological effects so it’s not that big of a deal. I think this is probably mostly unnecessary in my opinion.

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no you just crash and the screen appears im not asking for crash animations.


SR22 Cough Cough, but the altitude chart was just signifying what happens at higher altitudes.

First off, the SR22 requires masks to climb to max ceiling…


I dont really think this ks what the simulator needs at the moment


well obviously add it after everything is done.