Hello everyone 👋

If you are someone like me that occasionally will purchase 1 month subscriptions, you probably know the pain of having to fly on TS. I don’t know about you, but it’s a little unpractical for me to fly 50 hours in one month with my life taken into consideration.

My idea is a quicker route to ES, that involves a test and tighter restrictions once on the server. Here’s how it would work:

  1. A pilot can access the “HyperGrade” button somewhere on the Home Screen.

  2. Clicking the button directs them to instructions and regulations, as well as an “I agree” box for them to check.

  3. Now the pilot can take the quiz. This will be a 20-30 question quiz that will focus on rules of ES as well as flying on IF in general. A passing score is 90% or above. If a pilot does not pass on their first attempt, they will be eligible to take it again in exactly one week. If they fail again, no dice.

  4. After a pilot has passed the test, they are greeted with a info on their tighter regulations*.

  5. Pilot will now be eligible to join ES, with tighter regulations.

*Tighter regulations include shorter response times for violation warnings, an extra tag next to their username that reads “HyperGrade”. Still thinking of other ways to tighten the regulations.

So, what do you think? Any questions?

wait so what do you mean you have to fly on TS ,if you purchase a sub wont and get grade 3 wont it just stay at grade 3?
That is what happens with me

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Not necessarily, because I generally purchase a sub every update (for one month) and my landings have expired, etc.

This also makes it easier for users that only buy one time to have a good experience. It’s mainly for those one time buys.

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OH yea i gues that makes sense

Yea i can see this happenning

Honestly this seems like a nice idea so im voting shouldnt you too? lol


To be fair, having a entry quiz actually wouldn’t be a bad idea for all ES users, on top of their grade 3.
I feel they should relax the past 90 day requirements too honestly. Would also help people who pay consistently but don’t get a chance to fly every month. IRL, you must have 3 takeoffs and 3 landings in the last 90 days, not 15 as it is in IF. I understand that IF have to be a little more careful, but still feel the last 90 days requirements could be reduced.
I do think that pilots need experience, but not necessarily in a set time limit.


I dont like it tbh. As most people need experience in the game more than a quiz

anyone could know the expert server rules.

BIG thumbs up for this. You have my vote.
Regulations should be tighter anyways.

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I’d suggest considering voting for this request I made as well as an alternative, specifically the “pilot rating” portion. A separate rating that measures a user’s professionalism while flying allowing them to gain and maintain access to the higher servers, even if they become inactive for a brief period, would be cool.

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The biggest issues I see with this proposals are:

  • The quiz answers are going to be leaked.
  • 90% is too high for a passing score. VA’s use lower.
  • Not allowing an unlimited number of attempts for the quiz is unreasonable, and could be seen as a money grab.
  • I don’t believe that lack of knowledge is the main issue on expert. A lot of the time people just don’t want to listen to ATC. Sometimes there are conflicts due to realism-related issues (eg. without ATC and with a crosswind, one pilot goes for runway in use IRL which is red, and another pilot goes for the opposite yellow runway). Sometimes people are in a hurry. And there are always trolls.

I would like this but something screams no inside me. Though this is a really good idea and might consider it in the future!

I wouldn’t waste 15 minutes of my life taking a quiz to voluntarily get more violations. This concept is a waste of time for everyone involved.

Although I think this is a good feature request because if I ever buy pro again I don’t want to fly for 50+ hours so I can experience the expert server

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To be honest I don’t agree with this. A quiz and actual in game experience are two separate things. A lot of people could answer the questions easily but be unable to put them into practice!

We are not looking for pilots with mental aviation knowledge we’re looking for pilots who can obey ATC rules, aircraft movement regulations, speed, altitude etc. Not just know about them but rather those who can properly fly around on ES

As much as I also find it annoying being on grade 1 after missing IF for a few months for whatever reason, it’s important to exercise and refresh practice in the sim, so nice suggestion but I don’t think it’ll work out successfully in IF, also because the team are focused rn on 3D airports, more aircraft, more liveries, scenery etc. So something like this wouldn’t be even close to a priority for the devs


Frankly speaking, I don’t agree with this.

1. 90% of them are too hard.

Of course, there should be common sense, but even if you have a good theory, We can always make mistakes because we are not a robot.

2. And there can be unexpected variables at any time.

Those variables aren’t in the manual, so how are we gonna handle them?

And I think it’s reasonable ES to fix mistake and be a great pilot.


I would just Google the answers tbh

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Same here. It’s not a good idea. Sorry

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hi, I love the idea. I agree with people like @SimpleWaffles because people would just google it. but maybe we could have questions that you can’t really google. For example, when should you use ‘VA’ in you callsign.

I agree with the idea of an ex grade 3+ member not having to go back a grade(s) and follow the same grade progression as the first time. However I don’t think a quiz will be a good idea. Maybe if you’re coming back after a while to if and were previously grade 3 and above, you just have to complete a few short flights and say maybe 5 landings on TS. That should be enough for most ex grade 3+ people to get their mojo back

That has no bearing on your behaviour however and would be an irrelevant question. You also can’t assume everyone knows what a VA is. And BTW it is presumably possible that an IRL callsign from Europe ends in VA (or VG).