hyper virtual airlines

to join hyper virtual airlines all you have to do is reply with a request and I will respond how this works is I will post flights set for a specific time and those who show up using callsign hyper va in the name will be thanked and will be more heard of in the community so please feel free to join.

Are you Registered with the VARB? If not, see here:



If your not registered with the IFVARB you cannot post anything to advertise your Va Here.

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I have not, the topic appears to be closed. what do I do?

Read the post Nate linked, it has all the steps on what to do. Best of luck! :)

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The IFVARB thread is just for instructions on how to start forming a VA by contacting an IFVARB admin and being put on a waiting list it’s a long process

I believe you have to be TL2 as well, correct? Just asking.

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yes I will get this airline certified once I reach it.

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I wish you best of luck ;)



Once you reach TL2, you would want to message one of the individuals listed in the topic that @Nate_Schneller linked. From there you will begin the process of certification.


I did and I said I will get back to him once I reach tl2


Check out this, however:

organization What is a virtual airline/organisation? - A Definition

A virtual organisation (VO) is a dedicated hobby organisation that uses the Infinite Flight Simulator to model the real-world operations of an airline or group. Alternatively, the group may be an original one created to serve a need in the community.

This can include “ground school” training programs, event groups, flying clubs, and ATC groups as well as training flights to help provide further experience as well as to extend the skills of members.

Groups of any sort that wish to utilise the VA category must be certified regardless.

It isn’t intended to just be an airline with your handle. It should be an existing airline, or if a created one, fill a certain niche. Not just tagging your name to it.