Hydraulics and loss of airspeed

Hello, My name is Ronan and last night I was going to do a flight from KSEA-EDDF and while I was climbing my engines were working max power and I seemed to not gain any airspeed. Instead I began loosing airspeed and started to stall. Another experience I have had is in the A350 I was taking of from EGLL and my plane kept doing hard banks to the left and right and would stall continuously. I really don’t know what is happening and if someone could explain that would be great.

My immediate reaction is that your climb rate was probably too high, or you were trying to climb to too high an altitude. What was your altitude and vertical speed at the time?

I don’t think hydraulics are simulated in any meaningful way in IF, so I don’t think that has anything to do with it if this is in Infinite Flight as I am assuming.


Hi Ronan,

I have a few questions that may help get to the bottom of your issue.

  • What was the load of your aircraft? The weight is an important aspect because the heavier your aircraft, the more speed it needs to get in the air. Also, they heavier the aircraft, the lower cruise altitude it can be at.

  • That leads me to my second question—what was your altitude when you stalled?

  • What was your VS when you started loosing speed. If you are climbing at a higher VS, the engines need to work harder to keep your speed up

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So I don’t remember my weight but I was pretty heavy but the thing is I have flown way heavier before and was perfectly fine. So yesterday on the a330 I was vs 2500 and it started to decrease around fl330. Hopefully that helps

2500 is too high of a climb rate for a heavy aircraft at FL330.


I’m not sure on the A330’s exact limitations, but 2500 fpm at 33,000 feet if you are heavy is definitely close to then at the very least, likely exceeding them. I’d back that decent rate down at the very least, or consider leveling off to burn some fuel before continuing the climb if you really want a higher flight level. What level were you attempting to reach?

I’d take a look at this, it should help you out I think:

What would be recommended

I was attempting to climb to 350 but the thing is when I leveled off at 33000 my airspeed wouldn’t speed up I was continuing and a slower and slower pace and the wind was in my side.

Infinite flight put out a tutorial on the a330 which should help a lot with those issues it’s on YouTube and I think on the IFC website to it explains everything you need to know

If the aircraft was too heavy for that altitude then this is what you would expect. If the plane kept having to pitch back more and more to maintain altitude then it would be struggling more and more to maintain, let alone increase speed. To my ear everything you have said so far sounds consistent with attempting to cruse at too high an altitude.

500-800 and stay at FL330

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It was only 35000

Yes, that’s high for a heavy aircraft. Most heavy long hauls start off at FL310-330.


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