Hydraulic System Shutdown

Since engine start up and shut down is confirmed, I thought it would be a good idea to have the hydraulic system included within that procedure. Usually when an aircraft is shut down, the hydraulic system goes out as well, causing the rudder/ailerons to move away from their neutral position (due to wind). This is an interesting feature that would look amazing for parked aircraft, adding that extra bit of realism. It can also tie in with FDS’s live weather system.

Heres a photo I took of a Boeing 777 showing this phenomenon.

Video explaining (Captain Joe does a way better job explaining it than I do):


It looks a bit broken to me.


Looks like a pretty cool feature to have!


This would go great hand-in-hand with Engine Shutdown!


At the end of all my flights I do this with my rudder 😂


Same with me! LOL. I do @Jan’s trick by jamming rudder to one end and tapping the ATC icon so it gets stuck. He does it for pushback, I do it for this lmao


I would love to see this, the two would really compliment each other.


So are you just asking for the graphical effects, rather than any seperate ‘systems’?

Would look realistic, probably wouldn’t be that hard to implement as the graphics (the positions of rudder etc) already exist

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Yes! Best request I’ve seen in a while. I’ve always wondered why the rudder is sometimes facing to the right when a plane is parked. I thought it was the way the captain leaves the controls.

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Yeah I never understood why you would use it for taxing I just only ever used it at the end of my flight

I have no idea what you’re talking about.

Pretty much, yes. Implementing the actual system would probably be too complex for mobile format

Lol I could’ve swore you suggested it in a thread or post about tips for pushing back. Maybe I’m mistaken, my apologies.

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Lol I made a mistake, I meant pushback. The practical purpose is for aircraft to backup and turn away from the gate on their own. Then you have free time to go to third person and gets some cool shots of your plane leaving the gate lol

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It’s not broken. That doesn’t make any sense

He was being sarcastic lol

Would love this, it’s pretty coincidental because I watched the same video 2 days ago!


Now this is a good request. ;)


Yes please! To simulate this I sometimes tilt the rudder all the way before pushback

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Oh. I feel like a jerk and an idiot. Sorry