Hydraulic failure after touchdown - Singapore Airlines

A Singapore Airlines flight suffered a hydraulic failure after landing at the airport in Kolkata, causing the main runway to be blocked for more than an hour, according to an airport official said on Sunday.

Singapore Airlines landed at Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport around 10.28 pm on Saturday but could not expedite runway 19L (main runway) due to a hydraulic problem," a release issued by the NSCBI Airport Director said. “The main runway was operational again at 11.42 after proper cleaning of hydraulic leakage and inspection,” he said.
The aircraft reportedly suffered a hydraulic failure after touchdown and leaked fuel on the runway. An airport technical team later towed the aircraft to the parking bay.

However, the airport authority claimed that there was no impact on any other flight operation as an alternative runway (19R-01L) was put in use.
On the good hand, all the passengers were safely rescued from the affected aircraft.

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