Hurricane Lane Hunting [Short Notice] 211600ZAUG18

Come over to the Expert Server in the C130J Hurricane Hunter to do some hunting.

PHTO (Hilo International Airport) and a hurricane in the pacific south of Hawaii. 331nm flight.


Planes and strong winds (maybe a little fun)

10 minutes from the time of this post was posted.

Flightplan is made The waypoint being flown to is 1437N/15251W

If you don’t believe me, take a look at the winds yourself. 😃


Leaving the beautiful Hawaiian scenery behind. Next stop, Hurricane Lane!


How’re the winds looking right now?

Im 129nm and 21mins out at 15000ft, currently 20kts

But im at the back so if people drop off radar i have a Plan B lol

I’m coming down. Hopefully things are still windy.

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Callsign CANTORE1 inbound

Took off from Hilo a couple minutes ago. Winds are already pretty hefty with some moderate turbulence. I suggest everyone come down while you still can!

Winds are currently 69 kts and moderate to extreme turbulance at 3000ft on the north end of the hurricane.

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Will be with you guys in less than an hour

N1JC ETE 7 minutes at MACH 2. (Will slow down don’t worry)

Hitting 92kts+ at 5000ft on the south end

ETE 40min. Atm. Pressure is dropping

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Is anyone inside the eye of the hurricane?

Yep! A group of us just found it. Winds are a calm 24 kts.

Eye location is: 1395n/15226w


Had to leave early due to an unexpected obligation :( never got to experience the hurricane. Hope everyone has fun though.

If anyone can get a screenshot with me in the grade 5 tag that’ll be great thanks.🙂

Have to go now iPad died, thanks for the great session and reminder @DeerCrusher!


Thanks to those who came out. Hope you had some fun. For those who are still enroute, see if you can find the eye. It will likely be introduced by a spike in wind followed by a rapid decrease in wind.


Great fun Hurricane Hunting with you all! Thanks for that 👍💨

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