Hurricane Ian tracking thread

Tropical Storm Ian seems to be a devolving Hurricane. It’s currently over the Caribbean. It’s experiencing explosive growth currently. It’s expected to be a hurricane by tomorrow and hit Cuba, and Florida by Tuesday as a powerful hurricane. This thread is tracking the hurricane because it’s fun to fly into them and try and land an XCUB in 120kt winds. (Written Sunday Sept 25th daily updates are in the updates area).
Some places you can find the wind are on Windy: Wind map & weather forecast and


1.Sunday Sept 25th. Ian is still rated as a tropic storm and is in the seas to the east of Central America. It’s expected to strengthen to a hurricane and make landfall on the west edge of Cuba by 8AM EDT Tuesday Morning.
2. Monday Sept 26th. Ian is now a Category 1 hurricane and is over Georgetown and the other islands just south of Cuba. Winds are currently 75mph and it is moving northwest at 14mph. Hurricane Ian: New track shows where storm will go after Florida
3. Tuesday Sept 27th. Hurricane Ian is now a Category 3 hurricane and has just made landfall onto Cuba. You will find the strongest winds in the far west tip of Cuba. Max winds are 125mph. It is expected to hit the Sarasota area of Florida by Wednesday.
4. Wednesday sept 28th. Hurricane Ian is currently just off the coast of Florida with winds of up to 155mph. It is rated as a category 4 storm now and is expected to make landfall in Florida 2PM ET. It is expected to hit Fort Meyers dead on.
5. Thursday Sept 29th. Hurricane Ian has drastically weakened overnight. It now only has 75mph winds and is continuing to weaken even more. It is currently over North Florida and in the coming days it’s expected to weaken over Georgia, and South Carolina with rains being the main danger not winds. Hurricane Ian continues to weaken as it crosses Florida Peninsula after slamming into Gulf Coast as a Category 4
6. Friday Sept 30th. Hurricane Ian has strengthened again and is now harboring 85mph winds. It is currently right off the coast of Georgia and expected to make landfall in the myrtle beach area of South Carolina by 8PM EDT. It is expected to go slightly northwest after that and since it will be all over land it will quickly weaken.

Have fun flying into this one!


Hey, just to say live is only for Infinite Flight live server related things and is not appropriate for real world events or flights.


Why not fly the C-130J Hurricane Tracker out of Keesler that actually does storm penetration missions?


Great to see another hurricane thread for us pilots wanting a challenge! I definitely want to try and fly an X-cub through there and not crash.

Thanks for another topic @StormyAviation!



Please review the guidelines as this is unfortunately not IF related. Please re-categorize your topic!




Flying the X-Cub into the 100 knot plus storm winds is not IF related ? The OP indicated the post was created to track the storm because its fun to fly in Hurricane wind conditions and try to land a tail dragger in that environment. Its not posted to give the readers real-time weather forecast updates for their safety planning.

Its related to playing IF in simulated Hurricane force winds.


Does this thread directly have anything to do with Infinite Flight though?

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I would say it does, it offers those pilots a challenge to fly through tough weather and to test their skills in strong simulated hurricane winds.


The live category is for live servers and the main feature of this topic is a hurricane, which hasn’t got anything to do with IF’s live server’s.

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I never had a doubt this was IF related. The first thing I thought about is jumping in a plane to fly into the storm.

Sanity check? You can search #live storm and see the varied history of this being clearly allowed in the past.


Ok, I just thought that this wouldn’t be allowed because live is specifically for live server related things

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IF live servers have live weather in terms of winds etc. This kind of thread helps with finding interesting aspects of real weather to fly through with IF aircraft.


Ok, I guess that’s fair enough

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There is also typhoon approaching Da Nang, Vietnam with 100 knot winds as well, named Typhoon Noru. Apologies is this breaks the chain given it is a different storm. But thought it might be cool to mention.


Ian is my name, sorry people in Florida lol


Ooo interesting

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It does have to do with if because it’s a topic tracking a hurricane so that you can fly into it on IF. I’ve made several of these in the past. I even made one that Laura herself commented on Hurricane Laura tracking thread.

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Thanks. I haven’t made a topic in a while but this one seemed kinda fun.

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