Hurricane Hunters Tour at Long Island MacArthur Airport

All photos are mine, please don’t use without permission
Today, the NOAA hurricane hunters made a stop on their hurricane tour at Long Island MacArthur Airport (KISP). Me, living 30 minutes away and being both a plane and weather geek definitely could not pass on the opportunity to go. You got to tour the planes, and talk with the pilots and meteorologists.

Here’s a group shot of the 2 planes. They use both to fly into hurricanes. The one on the left is a C-130. They use that one to directly fly into the Hurricanes. It flies throughout the storm and even into the eye taking measurements, and sending them to the National Hurricane Center. They find out track, intensity, and forecast of the storm. They usually fly around 10000 feet and 180 KIAS.
The one on the right is a modified gulf stream private jet that can fly up to 45,000 feet and 600 MPH. They usually circle around the storm taking measurements of the storm’s steering currents.
Below are some more pictures:

A view of where one of the meteorologists sits on the Gulfstream
Wing view from the Gulfstream
The behind of the C-130

Inside the C-130

Where a meteorologists sits in the C-130

A dropsonde, which is dropped out of the plane to take measurements of the storm

Specs of both planes. Sorry that it’s hard to see
Southwest 737 blasting off 33L for Baltimore.

Hope you enjoyed, if you have any questions please do ask!


I love weather too, these pictures are excellent. Definitely feeling pretty green with envy over here, that’s an awesome opportunity that you had. Thanks for sharing the experience here.

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The meteorologist on the gulfstream has less leg room than a low cost carrier seat

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Haha true! To be honest the seat looks pretty comfy though, all they need is one of those solar-powered dancing sunflowers by the window!😂

This looks amazing ;) Must of been a great experience. Didn’t know that NOAA used small corporate jets for their weather and hurricane research.

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