Hurricane Hunter Mission

Today I Conducted My First Hurricane Hunter Mission Which I Nickname: Operation Dorian. I Tried To Fly As Close As Possible To The Eye Of Hurricane Dorian And I Think I did Because I Measured Very Strong Winds While Conducting This Mission
I Flew About A Hundred Miles Off The Coast Of The Bahamas When I Measured Catagory 2 Force Winds Which Was 87 Knots Or 100mph Winds

Aircraft: F22
Flight Time: 1:21
Departure And Arrival Airport: KMIA

The Aircraft Behind Me Was A Hurricane Hunter C-130J


Nice photos! do you know who the other pilot was?

no, just wanted to conduct my mission with him when i saw him on my map

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Nice find, I love the integration of real-world weather into the simulator. Wouldn’t it be awesome to see the hurricane or at least some rain? An idea for the future perhaps.


Yea, that would of been so cool, and i hope being able to see the weather, clouds, etc. on the map is possible and added to the game soon.

1 Like shows the winds of Dorian with a fantastic graphic. I’m heading in there right now on ES.

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Nice pic, planning on flying through Dorian tomorrow with @AarkonTV.

Stay Safe everyone!

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Nice, I’m going to probably fly through it shortly.

Here’s the real deal


ive seen alot of people already fly out to the storm

NOAA updates says winds have potential to be a Cat 5 storm


They are climbing so I’m guessing they are headed back to base

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on liveflight, training server, there are 2 F22s, 5 C-130s and 3 other guys flying in the hurricane right now…

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Dorian is borderline Cat 5 already. It’s slowing down as far as it’s westward movement though. I measured approximately 118mph winds about a half hour ago on TS.

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