Hurricane Hunter, FBI, Retro Liveries, an Eskimo, and a Cardinal @ KDCA

Once again, I’m making a topic. And, unless I go down to the airport sometime in the coming weeks, it might be my last for a while, since summer break is coming up, which means vacation. And I have finals and standardized tests and final projects, etc. Anyways, 3rd topic from when the Hurricane Awareness Tour flew into DCA, this time featuring the P-3 Hurricane Hunter + some other cool liveries. Enjoy!

Chester smiling away as he lands in the nations capital

Starting off the cool planes is a Gulfstream G550 owned and operated by the FBI, most likely carrying someone important

Next up is Allegheny Heritage, a beautiful livery

Something the Cardinal looking crisp in the late afternoon lighting

NOAA’s WP-3D named Kermit. Such an amazing aircraft, fitted with all sorts of weather research equipment.

Glad I was able to catch this amazing aircraft before it retired. A week after I took this photo N714CB flew its last flight. Fortunately, the livery will return on the MAX as a tribute to Herb Kelleher, co-founder of Southwest. The person this aircraft is dedicated to, Colleen Barrett (former president of Southwest) will also get a tribute on a MAX, sporting the Canyon Blue livery

Thats all for this topic, unknown when my next one will be. Seeya then

Spotting Gear

Nikon D3300
55-200mm f4-f5.6

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Wow I really like that p-3 orion!


As do I! Thanks

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I love the pics (especially the southwest 737)

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Thanks! Photo #9 is probably my favorite of the lot

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Didn’t know they had those in kindergarten, wow

Heard they were coming to pay you a visit to talk to you about the concerning statements @Kamryn has made

Almost as beautiful as ME

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