Hurricane hitting South Florida Thursday

Looks like the hurican I’ll be hitting lower part of Florida sometime Thursday…anyone want it plan a flight in the low right hand side of SoFlo this Thursday 😂 I hope the winds are as strong as TNCM this morning…112 knots.


Looks awesome, wish I could come.

That’s not NORCAL it’s SOFLO


My bad I fixed it lol

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Also keep this in general. It involves real world and live so it doesn’t fit in either

I didn’t move it.

I may come

You meant that to be for @Ninetales

Guess where the next Friday Night Flight will be ;)

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the hurricane didn’t hit TNCM today, it was a bug in the METAR system

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I’m definitely excited to fly in a category 4 hurricane when it hits Florida

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For real world’s sake, I hope this thing dies down before it hits any major population centers.


i can’t imagine living in Jamaica right now

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How is this IF related ?

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Flying in TNCM this morning winds gusted to 112 knots…it might happen again at SoFlo.

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