Hurricane Hermine Flight

Come join me to fly in Hurricane Hermine in SoFlo on Casual. Spawn at KTPA in any aircraft.


I wish I could. I have 20 mins before school but IF doesn’t work here.

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Which gate?

Any gate is fine.

What’s the wind like?

It’s currently 16012G20KT but it will get worse soon.


Ok. Hopefully I can do something like this tomorrow.

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@Bluepanda900 the winds are tossing me like a toy.

Yep, same here, I had to land at St. Petersburg lol. I didn’t crash!!! Sorry I couldn’t have stayed longer. Next time we try it in the Super D lol 😉.

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In real life… I’m in Tampa. Its a nightmare already!

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I’ll be out there around 0330Z tonight if anyone will still be there.

I’m going to go to SoFlo again as the storm worsens. I’ll see you there.

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I can imagine.

The stroms by Tallahassee not Tampa the most you’ll encounter is a feeder band.

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It’s 30kts now gonna go Cessna 172 ahahaha

Actually 24kts gusting 34kts

I’m here now.

Thank you everyone for joining. It was fun! :)

Supposed to be around 40 to 50 kts tomorrow morning.

Correction max winds 65kts max gust 80 kts