Hurlburt Field

Hi Boys and girls

Hurlburt Field Florida ICAO “KHRT”, could use a little love in the sim.

Home to USAF Special Operations Combat Talons
and V-22 's Its perfect for the IF AC-130.

It has no ramp detail on the fixed wing West side of the runway mid field. The east ramp currently supports
Osprey operations exclusively.

Don’t know if this topic is appropriate for general discussion or it should be moved to another area of the forum.

I’ve pre-assumed the position for my spanking if its not open for consideration. Always be prepared !

If I can help update this field please advise.

Captdoug56 USAF-AUX, CAP



Come join the team my friend!


Cameron loves “Love Notes”. Especially those that look like this:


But no. Airport editors currently don’t take requests nor will we. But I’m offering that you come and join us and edit the airport yourself to get it eventually added into infinite Flight. If you don’t join us, this airport will get reworked eventually but it might not be for a while.

Follow Instructions To Join Here:


Unfortunately these military airports can be quite difficult for beginner editors to fully comprehend. Not wanting you to bite off more than you can chew, I’d discourage joining the team for the sole purpose of editing this one airport. If you really want to help contribute to the sim and learn to edit airports, then by all means, the entire team will support that decision. But for this one airport alone, it will likely cause you significant headaches. There is one airport editor who is working through some military fields. I obviously can’t speak for the editor, but if you can prove to me that this airport is special and should be edited, we might be able to work something out for you this one time.

If you’re willing to jump onboard and help out with the editing effort, I would recommend that more. If I can be of service to you, as always, feel free to send a PM my way.


Also Ryan this Airport is not for me alone…
although I have a detached affinity for it.

I truly believe it will benefit other IF pilots
and add depth to the military Ops side of the sim.
Someone thought a “gunship” belonged in IF
so along with the other mil. fleet lets try to give them a home… I can do back up research if helpful on any military airbase if needed


I’ll see what I can come up with. Expect an update soon.

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I hope NPA just west gets an update too. Home of the Blue Angels and we own the SUA to the south as well which hosts Navy Fighter Weapons School (Topgun) sometimes.

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Hi all,
Hulburt Field will come in a given time but not in the next scenery push.
In the Project you will find all Airbases that are hosting a Squadron or Wing with an airframe that’s available in IF. The plan ist to work this list down. Priorities might vary, but at the end it should be completed.

For the AC130 the only option at the Moment is Eglin Afb KVPS.
Please keep patient, Hulburt is in shortlist.

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The runway for Tyndall AFB has no ramp parking or nothing… spawn at the runway and go…

Please everybody STOP requesting airports!
We have answered this more then once.
And for Tyndal: It just became the bottom of my priorities.

Thanks for all of the input everyone. Going to be another nice airport when it is edited by our lovely airport editors.

Blue Skies ✈️,