Hunting down the tracks of a Bristolian - @EGGD

Surprised on how well the last topic went, I did the thing just to annoy even more of what the community hates, yes I’m on about phone spotting… yuck…

Following the tracks of a well known Bristol spotter here in the community, I followed the remnants of the 3 day old boomer juice cans and steak stained wooden forks to find the only really decent place to spot; the side of runway 09. To say the least, taking an SUV up these country roads were interestingly scenic, and tight.


Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra - Much pain, but can push out some good quality stuff for a phone.

Jumping into it:

U2394 // easyJet A320-214 (Nantes Livery) - G-EZUC - Arriving from Inverness

Horribly bright. Unfortunately the editor died out before looking back at this image, so I guess it’ll have to do.

LS1853 // Jet2 737-8MG - G-JZBK - Departing to Gran Canaria

BY698 // TUI 737-8K5 - G-TAWB - Departing to Hurghada

U26017 // easyJet A320-214 - G-EZPE - Departing to Luqa

GR642 // Aurigny Air Services - G-ORAI - Arriving from Guernsey

By far the worst quality shot, but I was just so desperate to get it in, so I guess I’m going by the grain for this one.

FR4758 // Ryanair 737-8AS - EI-EFY - Arriving from Gran Canaria

LM567 // Loganair ERJ-135ER - G-SAJT - Departing to Darlington

U26602 // easyJet A321-251NX - G-UZMD - Arriving from Santorini

U26128 // easyJet A320-251N - G-UZLK - Arriving from Kos

G-GSVI // Gulfstream G650 - Arriving from Paris Le Bourget

For what I can research on, this aircraft is ultimately owned by James Dyson, yes the person who founded Dyson.

Here’s another toast to … saying I won’t do this for a long time, albeit this is more accurate. Thanks to @Kirito_77 for helping out with what there isn’t to do, and what there is not to do around the airport… There is nothing to do other than awkwardly wait in line for your coffee as you watch the easyJetters, prepare to Jet off 2 another beautiful European destination with glum faces, and remind yourself that you’re in short stay parking paying a bit over 3 quid every 20 minutes.


Thought you were going to get a bird? Well fortunately you’re not wrong, however these black birds were baked in a pie to convert their beliefs to chickenism which were morally supported by leeks and mushrooms. Good day of airport exploring came to a well earned end.

Hope you all enjoy some planes as much as we usually do, feel free to use my photos although who would? This is a phone for pete’s sake. Anywho enjoy your mornings, afternoons, evening and resident Martians. Tara.


Great photos ECoops love the easyjets 😍


Yay Embraer


Fun fact: I flew UZMD from Santorini to Gatwick in August. CAN’T BELIEVE IT GOT SENT TO BRISTOL >:(

I love these photos! EGGD is my local airport and sometimes go myself to watch the traffic!

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Big amount of beautiful easyJet pics here
😍😍😍😍🍊🍊✈️ @easyJetVirtual @easyWig @Josh_104 @Charlieab29 @Teized @MADCAT @Champloo @jxyd_xn @Igor_M (not tagging 999aviation since he already saw it ahah)

Nantes livery ! @saam @Jeremy351 @Alex_Kraz


I caught it departing as well, however a bit of the fence got mixed in the shot which ruined it


Go. Away. Leave. Me. Alone.


not sure if @Robertine will approve of birb pic

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Ryanair it’s aircompany what country? France?

Who said chicken can’t fly 💀

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