Hunter777’s ATC Tracking Thread - [Closed] @ N/A

Hello IFC! This will be the tracking thread for my ATC Ops. I currently have 108 Ops, needing 392 more to apply for IFATC. Feel free to stop by when I am open. All feedback is welcome and appreciated :D

Display Name: HUNTER

Status: Closed

Server: Training Server

Airport: PGUA

Frequencies: Ground and Tower


Open now see above

I’ll stop by in a few minutes :)

Sorry, I have to address this now:
Aircraft do not takeoff and land from opposite sides of the same runway, they both use the same side.
This is to avoid what just happened, you cleared me AND the other Spitfire for takeoff while a landing aircraft was barreling towards us

Another thing, only ever clear one aircraft for takeoff at a time, this is real world procedure.

I suggest looking at the ATC manual to get an overview on ATC commands and procedures. This will greatly increase your knowledge and help you when you eventually apply and become ATC. We all start somewhere, you’ll learn in no time! 🙂

@Z-Tube covered lots in his post too 🙂

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Hey. As you know I was LYVA001, IFATC - Z-Tube. Here’s my feedback.

  1. I had to request pushback twice. Took quite some time for approval.

  2. Should’ve instructed me a taxi instruction rather than accepting my pushback request. The stand I was in didn’t allow for pushback.

  3. You sent me a “do not taxi on grass” message though I was on the tarmac.

  4. I requested frequency change and you told me to contact Palm Beach Tower. You should’ve sent a duplicate frequency change as taxi clearance informs the pilot to change frequency.

  5. Waited quite a while for takeoff clearance.

  6. I requested change to runway 28R yet you rejected it. There was no reason why.

  7. You cleared me to land on runway 10L without issuing a pattern instruction first.

  8. You issued 2 aircraft take off instructions at the same time on runway 28R while I was landing on 10L. That’s a big no no.

  9. Exit runway command was super late, and I was nearly collided with a Spitfire while exiting the runway. That could’ve been easily prevented if a) you gave me the exit runway command earlier and b) you had the Spitfire(s) hold short.

If I had to be honest, that wasn’t too good. I really hate to leave poor feedback, but the only way to improve is to look back at your mistakes. I highly recommend you check out all sections of the ATC Manual and continue to utilize this thread. Please let me know if you need any help and I look forward to watching you develop!

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That’s not nice

My ceo I’m mad

While it may seem like that, we’re just trying to help you build up your ATC skill, and feedback on performance is how everyone learns from their mistakes. Please do not take any of our feedback personally, we are trying to help you with your journey to becoming IFATC 🙂

(PM me if you would like any clarification on my feedback to you)

Sorry. Can we talk on slack

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I don’t get why can’t 2 plans take off at the same time

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And why not if one lands can’t he just go over the other plane

PM me please, I don’t have Slack 🙂

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Isn’t this the slack

Alright, so lemme clarify a few things here.

  • The rule for takeoffs is as follows. Aircraft A is reaching 100kts, whilst Aircraft B is holding short, or in the process of lining up and waiting. Aircraft B CAN get a takeoff clearance at that point, since anticipated separation dictates Aircraft A will most definitely be wheels-up by the time Aircraft B starts their takeoff roll. You cannot, however, have one plane be on their takeoff roll before the other one is airborne.
  • You most DEFINITELY CANNOT have planes landing and taking off simultaneously. You CANNOT use both ends of one runway at the same time either. The rule for landing/departures is the aircraft taking off MUST be airborne before the landing aircraft crosses the threshold. Otherwise, a go-around must be issued for the landing aircraft, and the takeoff clearance for the departing aircraft is to be cancelled if possible. The rule states landing and departing aircraft cannot be on the runway together. This is not as simple as just having one aircraft fly over the other.

I’d strongly recommend you check out the ATC Manual here, and pay attention to Sections 2 and 3 in their entirety. It’ll help answer a lot of questions you have! My PMs are open if you have questions.


Now open at KFAT!

My feedback will be incorporated with @ToasterStroodie‘s. I will address the concerns at a later time via a PM.

In the meantime, please refer to Sections 2 and 3 in the ATC Manual. I’d also recommend you close and take some time off until we can address the main concerns.

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Now closed. Thanks for the best session.

please edit your title to say closed :)
(I PM’d you btw again)

Hey Hunter, here’s my feedback for today.

  • Transition altitudes for me and LYVA001 were both too low. The standard formula for calculating transition altitude is Airport Elevation + 2500ft. For KFAT, 3000ft would be the optimal height. Good job, however, in giving us different transition altitudes. Refer to Section 3.4 of the manual about transitions
  • LYVA001 didn’t even call inbound when they were cleared to land. Don’t assume aircraft intentions, especially when they’re inbound. Let them call in before you give them clearance. Furthermore, inbound aircraft that are on Flight Following, Radar Vectors, or are inbound without radar, REQUIRE pattern entry instructions. Both me and LYVA001 didn’t get those. Refer to Section 3.6 of the manual and Section 3.3 of the manual for an explanation on how to handle inbounds, as well as how to work with radar.
  • I called inbound, but I wasn’t given a pattern entry or a sequence to follow LYVA001. If a plane is going to be following others to the same runway and they’re in the pattern (or are visual), then sequencing is required. Section 3.3 addresses this.
  • I’m also not sure at all why I was told to go-around on the downwind, then told to expedite, then told aircraft too large, then best forward speed, then exit runway all in succession. I’m not sure if you were testing out some commands or what-else, but it was quite confusing, and neither of those commands should’ve been used given the situation.
  • I was then re-cleared as number 1 for runway 11L. However, you previously cleared me already, so there’s no need to reclear. If the landing is going to change, simply resequence the planes without reclearing.
  • I also noticed you sent PANDA1 to 29L when you were using the 11s for LYVA001 and me. You CANNOT use both ends of the runway simultaneously, regardless of left and right. You have to keep the direction consistent.
  • Having LYVA001 takeoff on 29R when I was on short final for 11L is a big no-no. Refer to the above point for why, as well as my explanation from yesterday for why.

There’s definitely quite a bit of work to do, so I highly recommend you read Sections 2 and 3 of the manual @Z-Tube linked above. Feel free to PM me with any questions. Good luck!

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Well I was told taxi to runaway 29L at KFAT and I taxied there and then I was told to get of the runway That was my only complaint but everything else was professionally done Well done @Hunter777 Hunter overall I definitely did had a blast So take that as a yes! this session was amazing 10/10