Hunnu Air Embraer E190-100LR


About Hunnu Air

Hunnu Air (Mongolian: Хүннү Эйр) is a Mongolian domestic airline that began scheduled flights in 2011. The company changed its name from Mongolian Airlines Group (Mongolian: Монголиан Аэрлайнес Групп) in April 2013 to avoid confusion with the similarly named Mongolian international flag carrier MIAT Mongolian Airlines. The company slogan is Wings of Mongolia.

Until now the airlines operates only one E190, registered JU-8811, with 3 orders to be delivered. This aircraft is also used to carry Mongolian athletes to Beijing for the Winter Olympics!


Hub Domestic International
Murun (ZMMN) Baotou (ZBOW)
Khovd (ZMKD) Erenhot (ZBER)
Dalanzadgad (ZMDZ) Hailar (ZBLA)
Choibalsan (ZMCD) Manzhouli (ZBMZ)
Bayan Ulgii (ZMUL) Shanghai Pudong (ZSPD)
Ulaanbaatar (ZMUB) Bayankhongor (ZMBH) Hong Kong (VHHH)
Ulaangom (ZMUG) Ulan-Ude (UIUU)
Zavkhan (ZMDN) Tokyo Haneda (RJTT)
Delhi (VIDP)
Shymkent (UAII)
Bishkek (UCFM)

Reason to be added

Currently in IF we haven’t got a single Mongolian livery (if I recall it right). The airline’s hub, ZMUB, is also rarely visited by pilots. In the name of diversity I made this request hoping to see some unique livery choice in the upcoming E190 rework. I’m out of votes for this so consider it a proposal and vote for it if you like it!

Great livery ! Would be nice to add it in the E190 rework

We also need a Mongolian livery because it is so rare and beautiful!

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hunnu air flies in Almaty, against the backdrop of a photo of the airport

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Oh I didn’t notice this nice livery that serves unexplored places in IF

You got my last vote even if it’s a bit late