Humorous Live Photos


Actually, it’s not easy to land a plane without landing gear.


Are you saying there was a reason for doing or just for good old fun?


I think he was either playing around or more likely just forgot.

I once forgot to put out gear in a 742 Landing at KLAX once, really smooth too, little it under -100 VS.

Things happen, just gotta chalk it up to experience and move on.


I guess that’s always true


Old picture i know but thats the only humorous picture i have


I feel a little bad for him. The crosswinds got him and he freaked out


Whoops, I forgot the gear on landing - literally.



The screenshot speaks for itself


I’ve done this once or twice too




It happens sometimes


Yep. Going to go ahead and turn myself in. Was basking in my improved landing skills and then…
And let me just add that Laura was my In Flight Assistant co pilot and I do believe she is still 😳😂😂😂


Don’t you just hate that emergency situation where you only have 547 minutes of fuel remaining?


typical grade 1 :DD
maybe he didn’t calibrate


I would say… Savage?


I would say: “No! My luggage!”


G/S is right out the window here…


it’s a threesome


If any of you guys were flying around SFO yesterday on casual server, you may have noticed an F-16 descending through negative 500,000ft.
Don’t you just hatw it when you’re taxiing for takeoff and fall right through the Earth? My airplane was flying at some points at 10,000kts, and reached an altitude of -495,000ft before my engines quit of fuel starvation! My airplane continued falling through the Earth slowly until I called it quits at -515,000ft. I think if I left my ipad charging all night, I would’ve woken up in China!



I saw that! I watched it plummet through the terminal and descend. Very nice.

UPDATE: there I am!