Humorous Live Photos


Not a photo, but once when I was flying from Buenos Aires to Miami, I set my altitude for 20,000 ft instead of 30,000 feet. I woke up the next morning to see that I’d crashed into the side of a mountain lol


When you don’t listen to what Simbrief tells you


Always pack 1.5-3 hours extra fuel depending on flight distance, winds and altitude.


I did and I even step climbed but it must’ve been something with speed


That made me laugh so hard!!! 😂😂😂😂😂


Was your cruise speed no higher than Mach 0.84 unless you were in a 787 or 747?


Extreme takeoff in Tenerife a few days ago. 😅


Oof and it’s a grade 3


Mach 0.86/in a 747 which is customary I believe


Plane in front to plane in the back: “He you don’t fitting with me here.” * Third plane comes *


bruh what is you doing.

3 planes lined up to leave from 04 at LGA and then here he comes.


The funnier thing is that he is too big for that runway and even the airport XD


The biggest the airport can take is a 767 and he is in a 777 XD


Why is that hill there LOL. Don’t remember being one there


Now on the National Geographic Channel we witness the birth of a new volcano named Mt Guardia.


Just landed in CYYZ with gears retracted and spoilers still in flight mode…


and that pilot is Grade 3… should be Grade 1…


While i was controlling at OMDB TS1


It’s 3nm and at least 1000 feet vertical spacing


This isn’t something to be proud of but if you want to put it out there obviously it’s up to you.