Humorous Live Photos

Your VS is broken

They’re too heavy and stalling

i think thats the least of my issues there

I think this should win the Captain Fred screenshot competition

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@Ezzie How can he fly a plane if he has no eyes

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Oh yeah, since NASA invented a system that uses the pilot’s brain waves or thoughts to make control inputs. On an MD-11.

Didn’t you hear? McDonnell Douglas decided to take their pilots’ souls out to make it a better flying experience!


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Ladies and gentlemen, the ‘’Expert server’’ ! 🎉


How you did it? 😂😂

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Double Fail


@IF_International This was in expert

This isn’t an organized trolling session! We just happened to be using the 737-700 and spawned at the same gate. I don’t even know these pilots and we would never troll on expert. It’s a place for professionalism, there maybe some fails such as this but i’m pretty sure no one will troll on expert.

I didn’t know Qatar Airways had a codeshare with Aeroflot.


i presume you mean how i got up that far.
In that case, spawn in at the north approach into Lukla on solo, dive down at full power and wait until your VS begins to rapidly climb into the positives. Should happen at around -250,000ft. F-22 is recommended.


As i can see, he is not in our VA, but yeah, we have codeshare with them. (All list of our codeshares you can find here: Aeroflot Virtual | Fly The Russian Way! | Soaring 2021 with New Programs)

There is always a veil between game + simulation and reality, which is fine to me.

Two things, that comment was made 2 years and almost 4000 posts ago, second: you don’t expect people landing on eachother on expert server