Humorous Live Photos


Or maybe he’s an undercover pilot for Ryanair to make American look bad


Expert Sever🤦🏾‍♂️


Weren’t intending on pushing them out were you? 😜


I mean he got off the ground before you touched down ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Don’t worry, it was calculated by me. ;)


Lol nope


Sorry, I tried to dramatize it 😂
Anyways we messaged each other and worked everything out.


How da hell did I forget the single most important DETAIL!?


haha! checklists. checklists. checklists.


I say I nailed that approach.



How did you do that and lol

  1. I get bored. That’s why I ended up with a 747 plunging down from 50’000ft and approaching a runway with 600kts.

  2. I’m skilled. Because I approached fully established on the ILS and landed with normal speed and a good V/S.

So boredom and skills. What a great mixture.


I meant the picture with the height animations sorry.


Boredom and drawing skills.

Joke aside, you can do that with the Live Flight App. It allows you to export your flight into the Google Earth Application.




@Ryan_Poteet “just look the other way…nothing to see here…”



@danielk that picture brings a whole new meaning to the callsign “Fat Albert”


@Sean_Hartland got this of me buying the farm after a failed “Kusnetsov” style take off out of 0CA5 in California… A hidden gem he found for sure. Give it a try.



This isn’t as funny as it is annoying. Look at the conversation between them and I. Then they landed while two planes were doing a parallel landing on intersecting runways to theirs

I included their info because if anyone know if they have an account on the community and knows their username, I would like to contact them


As we get closer to the Super Bowl kickoff, call signs we’re becoming related to the event.
In this one, the Patriots’ 767 can be seen leaving Atlanta as the Colts’ (for some reason) arrives.

In this photo you can see the refs making their way from LA