Humorous Live Photos


Not sure this is gonna end well . . .

Not to call out any specific controllers, but this was on expert


I mean, you’re only on short short short and final. Plenty of time…lol

Queue “maintain slowest practical speed…”


Might be a hole in the plane, a small depressurisation if you will 😂


you have time


As long as his wheels are off the ground before you touch its good


Look at the DME. I was 1.5 nm out and he had barely started his takeoff roll. It was really close. I was about 100 feet AGL when the plane rotated.


Ive seen planes do that in real life unless you were already at the slowest possible speed it isnt that big of a deal.


Today I was controlling KJFK and…

Just WHY?!


did you read the callsign i think we all know why.


While fault is probably on the “callsign guy”… considering he appears to be landing, it would be the guy taking off that pulled on the runway in this situation with someone landing. Am i right?


OMG I hate people with callsigns like that


Looks good to me lol


And that’s how American Airlines merged with U.S Airways. Lol


Well maybe he’s not that pro


Lol I just noticed that missed opportunity for me.


@DiamondGaming4 is it chilly?


My door was closed from my side 😂🤨


😂 😜…


Ryanair Picking Up Passengers Be Like


Or maybe he’s an undercover pilot for Ryanair to make American look bad