Humorous Live Photos


Mission Failed You’ll Get Em next Time! lol


Actually the MD-12 was supposed to be something like an A380, but the project was scrapped


Casual server at its finest


I cackled tho some new guy was taking off towards me and thought If we collided we would crash so he veered off the runway and fell of a cliff and actually crashed 😂


Some guy took off with his cargo door open and another was taxiing with no landing gear! It’s pure chaos at O’Hare!


lol thats an oof


Love at first GATE!😂

New airplane!


Apparently 777s went under massive upgrades to where they don’t need gear


I think that is a very common thing here (as I call it airline new hover tech!) ;)


Cool Maglevs!


Mega LOL bro😂


When Boieng bought Mc Donnell Douglas. I love the DC-8… Md80… They’re beautiful


The most relatable post I have seen on the forum to date


Hmmm, I spot an issue.


I got OVERTAKEN By A CRJ On Final Into KEWR.

I Can’t Believe This Guy.


The cargo door open made me lol and facepalm at the same time lol


Based on where he is in the second to last picture and the last picture I’m guessing he basically slammed into the runway?


Did he turn into a 👻?


You can just PM a mod about this, I’m sure they’ll give him a report for that


Yes, it wasn’t the most comfortable landing.

Mine was though