Humorous Live Photos


Mayday mayday
Pilot: We only have one engine!
ATC: Cleared to emergency land any runway,all other aircraft get off all the runways!
Co-pilot: WOW look at hat bird
Pilot: Wow there are so many colors


– MOOOOOOOM, WAIT FOR ME! Just one more sec!

• We’re going NOW!

– Argh!


To this person’s credit, the landing was pulled off…minus the taxi. 🤷🏻‍♂️


Caught another one yesterday. Perfect flight, everything went well. Then you forget the gear and you hope that nobody saw it. And then someone takes a picture of it. Must be hard.


That should also go in “best infinite flight photos [part 2]”. It’s beautiful!


The new Boeing 737!


Who the- What the—


was that photoshopped or edited in any way??? :)


I love ts1


I get mad when people at klax run through each other to takeoff at 25R!


Pilot: Look out of your right window!
Passengers: What’s happening?! Are we safe?!
Pilot: Yeah, were just on a high cliff😂


No it just wasnt loading the aircraft on my phone properly


Oh, ok then!


I don’t understand why people go to 25R all the time anyways… I usually just taxi to 24R and I am out within 5 mins of spawning.


@Wattsup_jet attempting to land his A321 during the Athens FNF. Definitely had room for improvement… 😂😜


The wind gusted right before touchdown and completely through me off! I had to go around even though I was already on the ground. It wasn’t pretty.


If they start messing with you do a surprise sharp turn and descent they will follow and they will fail lol




The brand new MD-12


😆 I know right