Humorous Live Photos


Lolz introducing the HeartShamu One!



I have about 5-10 planes following me right now who just copied my flight plan (I made a few deviations though so I don’t wake up with someone about to hit me).


Errrr… hello?


Man, finally to get your 747’s license you need to try this thing


What are you trying to showcase here?


As soon as I saw TNCM earlier I diverted to San Juan (which at the time had fewer planes).



As humorous as that is, that also looks like an absolute headache


Yeah… I wanted to get ATC services so I flew to KSFO on Training vs expert and it was awful… this CRJ waited near Oakland and then speed up to troll and follow me…
needless to say I have stayed on expert since. As for the second photo I took at LAS after scrolling through the cameras once I parked at the gate.


I took off like that once in a 738!!!


Netflix Presents: A Series of Unfortunate Events

So it starts with me being follows by Air Force One (on a flight to TFFJ)

They then cut infront of me to land at an airport not suitable for their aircraft

Then attempted to take off while I was landing

Parked in the GA Parking

Then took off (with a tail strike)

This show ends with the aircraft following me for another hour and twenty five minutes before crashing into a mountain 😂


they got karma-ed 😂


Yep. I constantly changed my name to “stop following me”, and once they even changed their name to “no thank you”

I just wish I got a photo of that crash


Thoughts on this concept livery I’ve made for Air New Zealand? I would especially appreciate the thoughts of New Zealanders.

I have another one:


The ghost pilots!


Should just put the kiwi on the nose and make it look like all the juices splashing back from the wind lol.


Kid: I’m scared so many big planes.
Mum: just hope cuddle up with me buddy.

The day and life of a plane

In Cinemas This June


This guy here not only spawned and took off on the taxiway, but he tried to cut me off on approach… thank god ATC saw it and vectored him into a mountain.


So he flew into a mountain I love the ATC who did that 😂😂


Taking of whith one engine in front of me landing…