Humorous Live Photos




well its a new thing that the gears are magnetically attached to the Airbus A330-300


Which also happens to be a new Infinite Flight feature to all aircraft in 18.6!


Blasting out of London City with a full load on a 747-8


Not really humourous, but try and do an aborted takeoff😉


Honestly it was too easy. Got up to 100 kts and stopped with like 2/3 of the runway left 😂


See how fast you can go before you hit that line by the runway numbers😂

And fail an engine or something so you have a reason for the aborted takeoff😉


With an RTO or Normal takeoff?


Rejected takeoff😉


Sped up to 118 kts, shut off an engine, but still stopped real quick. Just watch for Urself


Yup, congratulations on even getting a 747 into LCY (EGLC for those that like longer codes) airport! I can’t even get anything larger than a 737 down there😂


Wdym u can’t get one down there

Next mission, landing


I just about get it off the runway, but short final on solo puts you way too high to dive and still be able to stop😂


Ah okay. Spawn into LCY. Taking off from Heathrow like now, heading to LCY to land


Training server?


Casual. I’m not abouta risk any violations 😂


The moment San Juan tower closed yesterday and I said NOOOOPPPPPPEEEEE.


No problem landing tbh


If southwest planes merged…

@Joseph007 sorry lol


I must admit I’m not really a fan of that tail, so wished those merged as well😁😂