Humorous Live Photos


It’s not that big compared to a 737.


Not very humorous when you’re trying to land, you hear on Unicom someone’s taking off the parallel runway and then two seconds later, there’s a guy right in your face… takes off not even the parallel, the OPPOSITE side of the airport on the opposite parallel (08R I’m guessing) and flies into the ILS 27L path at KATL… On “expert” no less.


thanks for liking my photo


I love Expert…


Liked the video


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I meant i like the photo


just took off from mco and a guy in a delta heavy jet under a lufthansa callsign literally nearly hit me on take off as i told him we are using the 17 and 18 runways and proceeded to land on 35 anyway



That’s what I call an Apartment.




This is what happens when ATC isn’t paying attention


Never mind this was on the casual server


You can still put casual stuff on here.


Or when the pilot isn’t…


And when they aren’t watching they let you fly at crazy speeds.


Come on its the expert server you are supposed to depart straight out not turn in on people lol.


I don’t even know how to call it …😂🤣


Super Duper Decathlon! 😂


Traffic, Traffic, traffic.


ATC on training server and the pilots this explains itself.