Humorous Live Photos


Or double the wasted engines😂


lol I love casual server, you can’t go wrong there even though people always say “Only on casual” but come on we’ve all done something wrong in our IF career!





Lol I wouldn’t recommend flying over there bud…


The other thing I noticed is that aircraft`s image a bit strange. Look at this color!





Probably got a violation for Overspeeding during taxi


We are just having a peak over to NK =)


My gear is floating 🤔🤔🤔


do flight plans seriously avoid NK even though it may be faster to go over?


In real life, it’s complicated, mostly due to political tension. You, of course, have to fly over NK to reach Pyongyang airport, and NK is a member of the ICAO and is fully compliant, but they do charge overflight fees. I think NK allows certain carriers to fly over, even if they are not going to Pyongyang like right now, I just found an Air China A320 passing over en route to Seoul.


It’s better than being shot down.


It is actually kind of a rule to avoid NK if you can.


I see your point in letting Air China through and maybe Russian carriers as they are allies so i get it.


Not so much as military and political allies, more of financial support to keep the country sort of alive.


First 787 in Space…? 🤔


Look at da ickle moon in the bottom left, and the 787 is like ‘Hey Moon, I managed to escape Earth’s gravity, and I’m also much more awesome’

The even funnier thing is the fact that Earth has disappeared in that photo


No, it’s still there if you look hard enough, there is a faint outline of it at the bottom middle


Found it:



Let’s play spot the intruder!

🤜 🤛

it’s only in there so I can practice startup procedures etc