Humorous Live Photos


St barths also has a cliff behind the runway


I spawned at the airport YANN.


YANN? whats that


Remember the ZUGU glitch? It is another airport which had that funny glitch.




That’s pushbacking 101.


I just went into solos at that airport and fell through the ground and won’t stop, this needs to be fixed


@AlaskaAirfireball111 Clear cache almost always helps :)

@virginatlantic28 the past 🤣


Dashes taxi with spoilers up irl


Sorry for the off topic discussion but when I look at your profile pic, it looks like it from Minecraft XD @William_Chin


My view from an elevated Tower position earlier today on Expert. Step aside SpaceX, Alitalia is here to explore the galaxy…


Butter in Sydney!


How did you pull that off?


just pulling of an airshow on casual and nosedove into the ground then i started bouncing into the air then when i stopped bouncing i landed like this


i thought the bugs are gone but thier still more


Someone’s going to run out of fuel fast…


Just a typical day on casual when it’s foggy


The other question is, Why are you on ground but holding short?


I took a picture of this before switching.


Who needs pushback when you can taxi through all the gates instead?