Humorous Live Photos


It was on the same runway. Both planes were taking off in opposite directions on the same runway 🤣. It’s funny to me as I’ve never seen this before but it’s probably just the time of day.


Sadly it happens often enough. When I control at LAX on ts1 I try to grab ground as well to provide a better experience of having aircraft taxi to the correct runway. Even then sometimes they ignore me…


another Airforce 1 who always taxi to the wrong runway that is always closed and refuses to listen to instruction


That’s no go around, its a “sleepy boi”


Had lots of turbulence in this A318 :/


When Expert starts to look like TS1… EFHK earlier, with three planes spawning into the same GA gate (presumably just to avoid taxiing for 30 seconds from a proper gate). Alas no action to ghost the lot of them for their antics.


Another fantastic pilot in action, this time at ESSA. Despite me doing a phased braking as I approached the takeoff queue, they still went quite some distance through me. Didn’t back up. Next time I moved forward, the same thing again. Then they decided to go through/around me, and on under the wing of the 77W in front. My attempts to get the controller’s attention were unsuccessful, and they were then of course cleared on to the runway ahead of me. I’m guessing the individual is a child.


I have no photos to share but I have a funny story to tell.

I flew an F-16, took off and throttled up to 700+ kts IAS and when it went above 700 kts. Things get weird, the autopilot becomes useless because the nose keeps bouncing up and down, causing it to disengage and the g-forces during that moment ranges from -23g to 23g. There was once when the nose was down and it was -23g and within a split second it became nose up and 23g. I believe in real life the plane would have disintegrated.

Was that funny enough? I’ve got a second story.

I flew an F-22, took off and flew about 1500kts IAS, I had to make sure I’m very fast to do a vertical climb. The aircraft climbed at a rate of 130000fpm and within seconds I was at FL 400. Here comes the fun part, I exceeded an altitude of 100000ft and I was still going up at a rate of 80000fpm. Soon the VS started to drop along with my speed and I realised that I wasn’t able to control my aircraft at all! My aircraft was literally floating in the stratosphere for a couple of seconds before it plunged down into the Earth due to gravity. As it fell from 158000ft which was the highest I could go, I still didn’t had controls until around 60000ft when the stall indicator warned me, that’s when the IAS and nose start to become responsive to my controls. However, I still didn’t had control as the IAS was bouncing up and down repeatedly together with my nose and eventually the aerodynamic forces became to great (luckily IF doesn’t have a feature where aircraft can break up mid-air) so in the end the F-22 spun very very fast on its way down at a fall rate of more than 100000fpm and it looked as if when I was in cockpit mode it looked as if the aircraft was floating. Better yet in replay mode the aircraft seems to be falling straight through and not spinning, causing an illusion.

Did it crash? No it didn’t, the aircraft fell splat onto the sea (interestingly IF oceans are a flat piece of blue layer), it bounced and stood on its side.

Congratulations, you’ve just wasted about 5 minutes of your life reading my stupid story.


More LAX casual server “fun” from last night 🤣




same for you :)


well actually i spawn in first and it’s a co-incident that we are both qatar


well the gate was definitely too small for any heavies anyways


A390 confirmed lmao


Gotta love it


This individual was a real treat. As I waited in the queue for KORD 28R, I saw them taxi right through an LH A346, and then execute the kind of sharp turn that demonstrated they had little control over their plane. They got sight of the queue ahead and clearly thought “nah, that’s not for me”. A circuitous taxi route then followed to get to a different intersection, bypassing everyone patiently waiting, where Tower instructed them to hold short. “Nah, not for me” again, so they lined up. Tower told them to get off, so they sped down the runway and did a sharp right. I was cleared for departure, but looking at the map it appears they pulled basically the same stunt again.


DeerCrusher was trying to block exit from GA parkings during IFVARB’s event 😬

Developers should add collision on Expert Server 😏


The real question is why did you go through him? 👀


It wasn’t me haha


I find this adorable