Humorous Live Photos


how does this keep happening?


For those of you that wonder what goes on inside Laura’s Head.


Maybe the best colorful flight path ever


Manchester - Edinburgh turned in to Manchester - Krakow, the long way…

I was away for like 3hrs…


I was going to give some escort to people in the Training Server, but I think it would be funny to find someone there


that’s slightly worrying!!! :)


Lol. They’re about $375 million


Gotta mantain that Grade 4 somehow…
KDAL A-10 takeoff then land on the parallel runway
Casual server

the FAA would not approve 😂
The patterns are wilder than they seem.


Spotted this gentleman taxiing to RWY 28L at KSFO at an incredible 96knots. Possibly his version of “expedite!” 😂

Not to mention full flaps, maybe those were being used to speed control while taxiing!


The wind were strong with this one


Just looks like the stats of your flight to me. Where’s the Live? oof


It was supposed to be a 18 hour flight. I was really early.


Ahhh yes the infamous taking off with full flaps then losing all control and panicking resulting in a crash. I remember those times lol.


This guy was around 50 nm from PHNL at 5,000 feet when I first saw him.

Then he was at 600 feet around 10 nm from landing.


This is what I saw on casual. I have no words for what I witnessed. Yes I was flying when I witnessed this lol.


Who keeps leaving empty Pepsi cans in the cockpit!


Haha, sorry!


This is a REAL airplane Bob,not a stupid model plane.


This guy had landed and requested clearance to taxi. He did not receive it but decided to cut me off anyway…and then some guy named Ricky Chang never listened to ATC all the way to takeoff and followed me the whole way to a different runway then he received clearance to taxi to…Not sure why he wasn’t ghosted…


Sounds more like a complaint than a humorous picture. If you would like to file a complaint contact @Tyler_Shelton.