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Since the other thread for this got deleted, I thought I would make a new one! Post all of your humorous moments on live here, whether it TS ATC, or Expert bloopers, it all fits!

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A380 spotted at 735knts on Casual server
Best Infinite Flight Photos Part 2 [Official Thread]

Both controllers fighting to get ahold of me lol…

I mean, no. Just no.


Oh yes


Why was the other one deleted?


It’s unlisted.


That’s a discourse problem not because of flagging.


Nop Henrik closed it.


Hilarious photos xD


The user was banned


FDS Blimp confirmed! 😂

Seriously though I have no idea what this is, I clicked a random plane on LiveFlight and this came up 😂 @Cameron care to explain?


Listen to the FlightCast with Philippe 😀


Wait if Joe says listen to the podcast, then must be what Phillip said😳


How to (not) land an airplane on Playground server:
Step 1: ignore the distance between your airplane and the airport
Step 2: realize your mistake
Step 3: say to yourself: “I don’t have time for a new approach!!1”
Step 4: extreme dive


It’s another smurf!


sequencing… i have stall 2× ;(




This airport isen’t for you a319!

And you to!


That’s an A319.


I think I see an AirTran, Southwest new livery and a Lufthansa Regional.


Oops fail :(