Humorous Events

Describe any event that have happened to you near an airport or on an aircraft

For me it was when I was going to Ireland, before the taxi came, I see a Qantas B744 heading for an around approach to KJFK, and when we got to Riis Park, the Qantas was on final approach in front of the taxi!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

So yeah, post anything relating to what happened to me, but make sure it actually happened;)

Describe it like this:

Where you were: (Home/Taxi/Riis Park)
Where you were going: (Ireland)
Aircraft(s) and Airline(s): Qantas B744

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At my local municipal airport, a small plane I couldn’t recognize was flipped upside down.

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I forgot, I had another one! I was in San Jose last summer and I went to eat In-N-Out Burger and I see a Cirrus SR22 making a 60 degree bank in order to land!

So I was going to Manchester for some spotting. I went early to see the SQ 777. So I arrived at the airport at 5:000AM on a frosty winters morning, only to find that the SQ 777 came in early!

I was going to see the Emirates A380 at Manchester so I went down towards the Airport pub. I go for a little walk to find better spotting places, then I look at a window and there is the Emirates A380, it came in early and I missed it.

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Tampa, Florida

Don’t remember where we were going, was about 45 years ago during a hurricane … probably helping my Grandpa at his airport hanger.

Saw a Beechcraft take off flying backwards …

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