[Humor] New Technique of Back Taxi


In other words, Real Back Taxi

Inspired by 1000 knots GS using reverse thruster
Thanks @Riley_Dunshea

Usage on Free Flight Server. Just for fun :P


Very interesting I must say. Takes the term and uses the technical meaning.

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Controller: FedEx 117 back taxi runway 22
Pilot: I can’t!
Controller: why not?
Pilot: I can’t find the reverse button!
[Controller face palms hand]


This is the kind of backtaxi @StikLover2 uses when he’s asked to backtaxi…

Wait how do you even do that ö

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I like how the plane pushes back on the runway to avoid getting hit.

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All in the world of video editing:) He recorded it in normal flight parameters and then edited it to play inverted (reversed video).

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