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Good DAy fellow IF enthusiasts. I have a question about departure ATC.When approach is available and I’m working departure, when the pilot ask for radar vectors to thier destination airport…what do I do exactly, and when do I tell then to change frequencies? Thank you very much.


Tyler explains Radar Vectors in this tutorial :).


The tutorials are great but I’m kinda slow. That’s why my question is very specific…like when is the pilot out of the coverage area for departure

Usually you get them going in the general direction and then when they are on their way give them a frequency change. The goal is to get them to the right altitude.

What would be the “right” altitude?

I try to see how far they are going. Between FL280 and FL360.

I like to use the direction they are going as a guide. If they are GA then I +/- 500.


So if they are heading 250 degrees, I give them 30,000. If they are headed 150, I give them 31,000.

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I also don’t really understand the coverage area for departure

Departure is a much smaller frequency which is why on Expert you will find the Approach controller working both or acting as both. It is more to get planes safely out of the airspace when there is busy traffic.

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Should an approaching aircraft or aircraft let’s say at 32000 ft flying over the airport be asking departure for ff to their destination?

You shouldn’t be contacting departure at that altitude at all.

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Thank you all for the clarification

MaxSez: For Departure, exiting the fields inner ring radius. (The inner circle) works for me and it should for you. Same for Freq Chg. (@Info Chris_S)

Regards All


Departure airspace in IF only goes up to 18,000. If there isn’t other traffic to avoid, I usually just give them a heading to their destination airport, and an altitude of 19 or 20 thousand feet depending on if they are going east or west. Once they reach above 18,000 ft or 50nm away from the airport you are controlling at. “Resume own navigation” and “Frequency change approved” may be used.

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