Humars's ATC Tracking Thread - [CLOSED] @N/A

Hello viewer, reader or whoever you may be! My username is Humars, an aspiring Infinite Flight Air Traffic Controller, the one who: thinks patience is useful in many ways but has a few that can’t be applied, is kind to littearly everyone (no matter how annoying they may be), is helpful as much as possible (by either giving an answer or liking (hearting) an answer that will be helpful), is level-minded (as described by countless people who encounteres me first time or more often) and with more characteristics & traits that will help me along this journey, to which this will also help you be a good teacher :/.

I’ll most definitely be opened for at least around ten-twenty (10-20) minutes, to which it can vary depending on what happens in real life and more (to which I’ll also put an estimated timing of how long I may be open).

Whenever possible, please give me any crucial or vital feedback through here or by PM’ing (privately messaging) me. Although I do know the aspects of Air Traffic Control due to watching all IFATC Tutorials (if I can recall correctly) and searching up things that I don’t understand, I can be rusty at times so make sure to point out mistakes whenever possible.

Also, if any and all who are interested in consistently or continously attending my sessions, PM (privately message) me you’re timezone so I can adjust my schedule based on the timezone of the majority of people.

Thank you for reading and hope you have a wonderful time in my sessions!


I would recommend removing this part as it’s quite common sense and declutters your thread. Also as a heads up, 10-20 mins may not be long enough to get people to join, fly patterns and test you fully. I would recommend at least 30-60 mins as this also prepares you for IFATC. Hope to catch you one day!

Okay, I’ll remove the information about how my tracking thread title will look like. Also, the ten-twenty (10-20) minutes is only an expected estimate, but as said in that paragraph time varies between what happens in real life and how much time do I have per day.

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I’m open! Here’s all the necessary details:

Airport: SKBQ
Server: Training server
Winds: 080@04 (subject to change overtime, this is initially recorded winds)
Currently active runways: Both, but I would prefer if you choose runway 05 for takeoff and landings (again, subject to change. This is temporary initially recorded information, make sure to check the METAR and available active runways if this type of information is applicable)
Elevation: 97ft
Estimated time: 20-30 minutes
Pattern work is allowed and encouraged.
Any & all crucial & vital feedback is appericated.

Note: I won’t be able to look in the IFC for most of the time during controlling, so I apologize for any mistake I may make in advance.

I’m now closed! Special thanks to @Nils_Esser for being the only pattern aircraft in that fifty minute (50m) session, alongside three other departing aircraft. I’d also like to apologize to @Nils_Esser for accidentally not giving you clearence in your first circuit which forced you to initiate a go around which also made me realize my mistake :/.

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Hey Humars!

I just wanted to give you a short feedback.
There wasn’t much traffic around so unforteshently I can’t give you any feedback on sequencing. But you sent the correct clearances at the correct time. And don’t worry everybody forgets to clear an aircarft sometimes. But I am pretty sure you realised your mistake after my go around.
The only thing I wouldn’t recommend is using both directions of a runway. It makes life complicated is does not increase your efficiency. I did that in my practical test and failed it so I definitely can’t recommend it. 😂
Other than that only a small advice when somebody announces that he/she will land you can already prepare the runway exit command so you don’t send it when the person is already vacating the runway.
I hope I could help you a bit and I wish you good luck for your next sessions!

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Thanks for the feedback! I’ll make sure to send you to one runway that other people are currently using next time. Also, for the runway exit command I didn’t know what speed you would slow down to so it made my life difficult on when I should send the runway exit command :/.

Don’t think too much about it. Personally, I usually send the command to airliners when they are below 60 knots and to GA planes when they are below 40 knots if that helps you. But when it gets busy I send it when I have time to do so. There are more important commands which should be send at a specific time.
So yeah as I said it wasn’t a mistake but an advise :)

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I’m open! Here is all the necessary details:

Airport: LTAC
Server: Training server
Winds: 070@5 (information is subject to change, make sure to check the current winds for up-to-date information)
Visibility: six (6) statue miles (subject to change, check METAR for updates in visibility)
Currently active runways: Runways 03L and 03R are currently active (all information is subject to change, this is only initially recorded information and you should check currently active runways)
Elevation: 3127ft
Estimated time: 20 minutes-1 hour (special circumstances that will require me to stay will allow for a one 1 hour session, anything of normal circumstances will result in only for 20-30 minutes of minimum average)
Pattern work is allowed and encouraged.
Any & all crucial & vital feedback is appericated for many mistakes I may make.

Note: I won’t be able to look in the IFC (Infinite Flight Community) website for most of the time during my controlling, so I apologize for any mistakes I may make in advance.

Also, if anyone wants mentions regarding the opening and/or closing times of my sessions, please PM (privately message) me or mention it here.

I’m now closed! Thanks to Turkish 1998 (who I’d like to apologize to for the technical difficulties when it came to the runway change from 03L to 03R ) and Eva 797 for coming to my session, with the first one coming as pattern aircrat and the other coming as an inbound respectively. Although not much traffic came, two aircraft coming to my session is quite enough (but I mostly wonder if they’re in the IFC (Infinite Flight Community).

Also, once again, if anyone wants mentions for the opening or closing of any of my sessions please dont hesitate to PM (privately message) me or say it here.

Also, just a quick question if anyone can answer, downwind can also be used as crosswind when the aircraft is requesting runway change or for any other reason?

Ola, I was Turkish 1998 have some feedback.

Ground control

  • I was the whole time taxiing through grass and you didn’t have me a warning. (it’s better to put your camera on bird mode over your airport, therefore you can see what kind of shenanigans pilots are doing).
  • Nice correction you gave me there (by using the Freq. duplicate instruction).

Tower control

  • Overall clearance were given a little bit too late for me. it is better to clear the person who is in pattern at cross wind (see image below).
  • While I requested runway change you said to me to remain slowest practical speed. Which was usefull to give, since I my speed was 242kts.
  • You gave me pattern instruction to enter right downwind, while I was on left downwind (so the appropriate instruction would’ve been enter left downwind, rwy XX)
  • From the moment you instructed me for the pattern, things became confusing hehehe. You told me to disregard last message but you then repeated the same instruction.
  • You first cleared me for the option without traffic, however, you corrected yourself and gave me a clearance with traffic (but between the two clearance use the correction, disregard last message option).
  • When I requested transition you gave me 10,000ft. Which was quite high!

You say here that the elevation (AGL) us 3,127ft. therefore just add 2,500ft and you have 5,627ft (5,500 or 6,000ft would’ve been the correct transition then).

Furthermore everything was good! Thanks for the controlling :-)! Hoping that the feedback I gave was useful and success on your journey to become an IFATC controller!

I saw charts for the airport and apparently the transtiiton altitude was at or above 10,000ft :/. I can provide further evidnece if you wish in PM, but I do understand your logical explanation.

About the grass thing, I noticed it immediately as I was supervising you but I didn’t know if I had a command in misc or not that said that you’re taxing on grass, so I didn’t know if I could do anything or not :/.

Yeah apologizes for the technical difficulties, usually I would know to just send the correct one command but things went haywire after I sent the pattern insturction (as you said), also as I was under time pressure so I wasn’t able to properly figure out if I should give the pattern instruction based on the heading of the opposite direction of the runway or the direction of the aircraft, henceforth which is the reason why I asked in my closing message if downwind could also be used as crosswind under reasonable circumstances :/.

Also, for the clearence, yes I immediately realized after a while that I forgot to give you the clearence on crosswind or early downwind, in my last session an IFATC member in the pattern had to go around because I accidentally forgot to give the clearence all together, which was eventually realized after the go around :/. I’m going to need some practice in proper timing I assume :/. I also don’t see any image :/.

As speed for airport frequencies is ground speed, I’m unable to properly identify your airspeed if I’m correct. Which meant I had to determine at the rate of nautical miles you were going to determine a rough speed, which is the only reason why I said to slow down :/.

However, setting this aside, I appreciate you attending my session today :/. Hope you have a fantastic day!

P.S.: This may sound like a desperate question, but since I want to see if anyone’s interested, would you like mentions for when my sessions are opened and/or closed?

There seems to be confusion regarding the “Transition Altitude” mentioned in approach plates. To quote directly from one of the tutorials here:

Transition Altitude: The altitude in the vicinity of an airport at or below which the vertical position of an aircraft is controlled by reference to altitudes (MSL)
Transition level: , Translation level is the lowest flight level available for use above the transition altitude. In IF this is standard FL180.

Here’s the tutorial on how to read an approach plate:

As mentioned in the ATC Manual, Tower’s airspace extends to 5 miles and 5000 ft AAL only. For an airport elevation of 3127’, your airspace would be till 8127’. You must give transitions below this altitude.

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Could someone explain what the situation looked like when this command was sent? I’m having a hard time understanding why slowest practical speed was needed.

I have looked back to the replay and have to revoke what I have said (see below)

Since there were no in- or outbound traffic in the airspace. I’d say if there were other pilots who were in- or outbound then it was applicable.

It was not needed in this scenario

@Humars Why was “slowest practical speed” sent?

@TaipeiGuru This is the reason why he used that command.

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Controllers should not be worrying about speeds unless a) there’s a risk of conflict with another pilot, obstacle, etc, or b) they’re going at an excessive speed (i.e. 800 knots). Seeing as neither was present, I would agree with your judgement that the command was unnecessary.

When I looked at Turkish 1998 as he sent the runway change request (@Menthesuphisth), I noticed he was going at an excessive speed, more than usual to the point where a base turn would’ve probably been not possible without overlapping the ILS cone and having to re-intercept, so I sent to maintain a slowest practical speed so he can make a base turn. I’ll relook at my replay version for further confirmation.

However, @Menthesuphisth since you still have the replay, what was your airspeed when I sent the command to mantain slowest practical speed?

Edit: According to my replay, it showed that Turkish 1998 was at 241 knots when I sent the maintain slowest practical speed command (if I’m correct, the knots shown is ground speed and not airspeed?

Oh alright, thanks for clarification!