Humanitarian scenario to Turkey | Training server | 11FEB23-1400z


Hi there,

Let’s have a little spontaneous group flight to LTFM to deliver supplies to Turkey following the earthquake.

Destination: LTFM - training server


Aircrafts suggested:

Any C-130

Suggested departure sites:


Event will take place on a separate Discord server so be sure to have Discord and DM me for an invite at least 30 minutes prior to event if you want to pace with us…(optional…you can still come and fly in without).

Hope to see you there!


I’ll gladly join this. Maybe we could do a USAF delivery instead.

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That’s what expected but no cargo plane spawned yet

Is this happening now?

Yes…2 fighters awaiting at LTFJ training server

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Aw man I thought it was the date you had in post, I have to renew my sun but it won’t be for another few hours

So why does your title say the event is happening on the 23rd….?

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Read carefully


Like 2023Feb11


Maybe follow the format that everyone else uses so you don’t confuse people:

Date, Month, Year

So it would be 11FEB23@1400Z…

Hoooo…sorry about that

will dit rn

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Yeah can’t join sorry with I could

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I’ll probably join

No worries mate
There will be others

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What airport is it again?

Currently. doing pattern at LTFJ

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Alright, I’ll spawn in

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I have to make up my bed rq I’ll spawn in the meanwhile

OK…spawn in cargo plane so we can escort you to LTFM

Yup I’m back y’all