Human Voice ATC

Voice Input ATC

I was thinking the other day “what if IFATC had speech recognition?” This would make the infinite flight ATC experience so much better I was thinking they could use a service like VATSIM where you speak what you want the aircraft to do instead of going through tonnes of menus
This would make IFATC so much better because you could also send custom messages such like “good landing!”

this would probably end up with too many trolls

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True but what if they got trained?


This is here

I think…


Yeah like the idea though don’t think it’ll come to life.

The pilots not ATC

This could work if it only recognized certain phrases. For example, if it thought you were saying “ready for departure” it would send that but not “good landing”, as anyone could send anything at that point.

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Thanks I didn’t see it ill close this one :)

There will always be people who troll. Back when the callsigns would form words (Ex: Ballonchaser it says the full name) So people would abuse it by putting curse words in etc.

Not gonna happen, as been said many times :)

Hi everyone i’m going to close this topic now :)


Happy 1 year btw

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Thanks 😊😊🎉🎉

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