Human rework

Can we pls get a people rework in the cockpit because the people are legit scary 😱.

I think static 3D models will always look unnatural since they ”act”… unnaturally


Yeah probably true but they are still creepy

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Is this what you’re looking for?

Also, however, Seb said that this probably may not happen…

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No this is not it it I would like if they would do a rework on the humans or take them out

I’d much rather they take them out. They’re freaking weird…


tbh I would like our good ol’ captain Fred to get a face lift.


We need some humans in the cockpit, when you view the aircraft from outside and it is moving… It’s very very weird to see nobody inside (on the aircraft types that do not have models).


For me there just straight up freaky

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Yeah just look at the A-10 pilot’s lips (go in the free cam and go through his helmet)

If you don’t want to do that then they’re in one of JNG Aviation’s casual server videos 😂

I support this but idk about a vote right now because I’m currently rooting for certain E175 liveries.

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Is rendering the pilots on the airliners very demanding for the game?

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I can’t stop laughing every time I look at your topic 😅

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Me neither 😅😂

This will be one of those chances where IF could establish its winning uniqueness from the rest, present or future.

Would be great if we could just control the creation for head/face/head wear/ cultural items to match our own avatar.

Reason being:

  1. It adds the immersive feeling that this has a large community, when you see more diverse looking captains/ first officer through their windshields at the airport or event playbacks and know that they are (sort of) the actual pilot themselves. Hey you might even recognize a friend!

  2. We feel personalised. That’s quite important. Always wished that the captain was “me” that did those nice flying by myself! :D

  3. And it only needs simple animation for gesturing: wave, thumbs up, captain’s salute. How many times it happened that there was only the two of you landing in some random airport and the later decide to park right next to you? Or taxiing to parking at one busy event and you spot our best friend and event creator Kostas, looking right at ya! (sorry for name dropping my friend, just for an example).

Remember that Infinite Flight was created by a great handful of team - and driven by the thousands! Just bringing this app closer to our hearts!





Lol, yes they need a rework. But I dont want to take them out because looking at an empty cockpit is weirder to me.

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Bump. I would really like this added/improved in the game.

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Come to life my little friend lol

A quick halloween update would be to make the humans have pumpkins on their heads.

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Yessss, same here.

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