Human heart left behind on southwest aircraft

Odd story today as a Southwest flight had to turn around to Seattle as a HUMAN HEART was found on board after having been transported from Sacramento to be delivered to Seattle was not unloaded in Seattle when the aircraft landed . The aircraft turned around and got the precious cargo back to Seattle as quickly as possible


I can only wonder what the pilots thought when they first heard this.


I’m just going to try to get this straight, A: whare was this Heart, just sitting on a seat? (Obviously in a box, but you get what I’m saying) B: who forgot the heart? It seems like someone would have to go with it, and it would be their sole responsibility. Odd one to say the least…



Well this thread title was definitely clickbaity. When you say “human remains”, I’m thinking that they found a whole damn skeleton in the cargo hold or something.

It’s just a heart. Not even close to human remains as it’s being used for a transplant. 🙃

Anyway, whoever left this behind is definitely going to be in some deep trouble.

Edit: Changed the title to be less misleading.


That heart might of have to be used 3 hours before for a patient. What if The doctors open the storage to the heart transplants and it wasn’t there. Wow

Agree. Title’s quite misleading.

I honestly find it ironic that Southwest, the airline with the Heart logo, is based at “Love Field” etc. forgets all about an actual heart. If you were the doctor performing this life saving surgery you’d be pretty mad. Atleast they got it to where it needed to be


That moment when it’s actually common for air carriers to have “human” cargo on board there flights. Whether it be organs for transplants or actually remains

Hehe, odd indeed XD

Passengers must’ve had fun flying 2:30 hours KSEA-KSEA XD

N7726A, the aircraft involved in the incident is currently flying KSJC-KSNA right now XD

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The heart to answer many questions was being used for a transplant and had 48 hours from the doner to the receiver good thing it was not a whole heart that was needed or else the deadline would’ve been missed

sorry for the title

Funny. OK who forgot raise your Hand?

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That heart livery amirite

I’m sorry passenger but who goes carrying a heart on a aircraft? and why does everything happen to South West?

I promise you, upon scrolling through IFC and reading the title of this post, my very first thought was, “How is it even possible for someone to ‘leave behind’ their own heart on an airplane? Do you just… what?? Seems like click-bait…”

I must be tired today

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It was not a passenger. Like many airlines southwest carries some cargo packages and what not in the cargo hold, whoever unloaded the aircraft had to have missed it in the cargo hold when unloading the aircraft then took off from Seattle and returned several hours later.

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I could already tell by the looks of the title that this was going to be weird.

Whoever left it behind is well… not In for anything great

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OH thanks for clearing that up, Just read the article fast and interpreted it incorrectly.

Well at least it has the southwest Heart livery!

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